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May 05, 2021

Is internal culture the answer to employee needs?

Rita Baltazar, co-founder & partner at WYgroup, was interviewed by RHMagazine, on the group’s internal culture as the basis for responding to employees’ needs. WYgroup is a holding company of 7 different companies – Bliss, Bloomcast, By, Fever, Performance Sales, Nervo, White – in the field of Creativity, Design & Technology, and Media & Data. […]

Apr 19, 2021

WYgroup’s Beach house: an experience hub

Gonçalo Castelo Branco, Partner and Co-founder of WYgroup, talks about WYgroup’s Beach House in the special issue of Sustainable and Human Future Offices of Líder Magazine. WYgroup is a holding company of seven different companies in the area of Marketing and Customer Experience Services – Bliss, Bloomcast, By – Interactive Brands Agency, Fever, NERVO, Performance […]

Feb 03, 2021

Synergies that produce more energy

João Santos, our COO, brings to light his vision of synergies at WYgroup that produce more energy. Read the full interview. [Briefing] You were at Grupo Tempus for 16 years. What led you to take up this new position? If there is one thing I appreciate in life, it is a good challenge, which fortunately […]

Jan 18, 2021

WYgroup is “Shaped by curiosity”

Celebrating two decades of running operation, WYgroup renews its new identity and becomes more curious. WYgroup, the largest independent group of Marketing Services and Consumer Experience in Portugal, renews its identity in the year in which it celebrates two decades. WYgroup’s new brand identity is now “Shaped by Curiosity”, which reveals an instinctive curiosity that […]

Jul 26, 2020

Think consumer or die

For those who still believe that developing brands is thinking about cross-channel, Multi-Channel, or Omnichannel, you had better stop, and you had better stop now. Why?  Because we are in the 4th Brand Era, the I Era, where everything changes at such a speed, we will be permanently living in Beta. Consumers do not think […]

Jul 07, 2019

We are in the Age of You

Consumers expect brands to listen, understand, and act. Marketers are expected to uncover genuine insights and create truly personalized, relevant, and memorable experiences to satisfy the end user. We recognize this era of marketing as The Age of You. But how can brands live up to these expectations? You must understand how to collect and […]