WYcreative “likes” Joana Junça as Head of Social Media

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At WYcreative, Joana de Matos Junça has taken on the role of Head of Social Media and Content, leading one of the key divisions within the agency, which comprises over 20 people.

Joana Junça, who has over 10 years of expertise in the field, is now leading WYcreative’s Social Media and Content divisions and collaborating closely with Sérgio Lobo, the agency’s Executive Creative Director.

“There is a common denominator in the DNA of WYcreative and mine, which is the passion for good ideas, where creativity is thought of and guided by strategy, always seeking an excellent result,” the newly appointed Head of Social Media and Content says, stating that she is extremely pleased about the assignment. “The group I’ve encountered has the necessary components and the correct attitude to work side by side with clients and accomplish amazing things”, she adds. Joana Junça had previously worked at BarOgilvy, FullSix, GrandUnion, and ExcentricID before joining WYcreative.

Partners at WYcreative Rita Baltazar and Gonçalo Castelo Branco are very enthusiastic about this arrival, pointing out that Joana’s route and strong expertise in strategy and creativity support the leadership team in building brand experiences. Her knowledge and expertise, in our opinion, give us confidence for the future and support the agency’s mission to go beyond what lies ahead.