Mar 05, 2024

Cybersecurity at WYgroup

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues in the digital age, especially for companies operating in the areas of creativity, technology, and digital media, where exposure to cyber threats is significant. In this article, I will address these fundamental principles and present a set of preventive measures that all users should follow to mitigate […]

Mar 01, 2024

Vulnerability as a Soft Skill

You’ve probably read in the previous pages of this LIDER edition that demonstrating vulnerability is not a weakness. Instead, it’s an essential soft skill that challenges us to accept our limits. When leaders embrace and share their own vulnerability, the work environment gains authenticity, and teams emerge stronger. Everyone starts to feel like part of […]

Jan 15, 2024

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Responsible Innovation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new concept in marketing, and experts in the field know that it is already a reality in programmatic media buying, pay-per-click advertisement effectiveness, and data-driven content creation. However, natural language processing (NPL) tools like ChatGPT have radically changed the way we work in digital marketing, speeding up processes, optimizing […]

Jan 03, 2024

Conscious innovation

Upon finishing college, my first application was to Linden Labs. This San Francisco company was the creator of the virtual community Second Life, a world for residents to create whatever digital life they want. At the time, even knowing the world of e-sports, I believed that there was a future there – spaces where reality […]

Dec 19, 2023

Please do not disturb!

I was at a small innovation conference a few days ago. The speaker clarifies, at one point, that specific disruptive innovation models have to be supplied to consumers at free cost. This is the only way to achieve the adoption critical mass, enabling the development of network effects. That was the case with nearly everything, […]

Nov 02, 2023

WYtalk Kindology – be kind to all kinds

Today, the importance of mental health is critical: from childhood to adulthood, burnout, anxiety, and depression have been linked to significant human losses. The last WYtalk at Casa da Praia hosted Kindology – be Kind to all Kinds, a community of psychologists and therapists, with an innovative proposal for circularity in mental health, committed to […]

Oct 24, 2023

Creating competitive advantage for companies

More and more companies are looking for data-driven, flexible, and ROI-focused strategies. These are WYperformance’s pillars. WYperformance is a WYgroup company that focuses on supporting companies, customers, and partners in their digital transformation process, maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, through integrated digital marketing strategies and creating customer experiences that generate results. The agency’s work is […]

Oct 20, 2023

Customer Management Strategies with Heart and Data

In a constantly evolving business world and in the era of digital transformation, effective customer management is fundamental to the success of companies. In this scenario, data and empathy have become the cornerstones of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies, combining an information-based approach with the fundamental importance of understanding and connecting with customers on an […]

Oct 09, 2023

Is there an ideology in marketing?

During a period of rapid economic growth, when businesses were searching for novel approaches to differentiate themselves from their rivals, marketing emerged. Developments in several fields, including design, communication, and advertising, among many others, complemented the demands of businesses in their process of differentiation as a result of this expansion in competition. In the last […]

Sep 08, 2023

The rankings of my life

I love rankings. I’m one of those people who, when I see a ranking, can’t resist looking at it and trying to interpret it. I immediately try to find its meaning, its justification. How does the ranking show the reality of what I know and, above all, how it justifies what I may or may […]