Sep 08, 2023

My Life Rankings

I love rankings. I’m one of those people who, when I see a ranking, can’t resist looking at it and trying to interpret it. I immediately try to find its meaning, its justification. How does the ranking show the reality of what I know and, above all, how it justifies what I may or may […]

Aug 25, 2023

Let’s embrace knowledge with responsibility and vision!

In a world that is constantly changing, with digital transitions that challenge us every second, leveling skills is extremely important. It is imperative that all professional areas follow this growth and acquire digital skills. Investing in training should be a priority for everyone, from a professional but also personal development perspective, as well as a […]

Aug 18, 2023

WYtalks: introduction to OKRs – Objective and Key Results

In the modern world, accelerated by technology and information, defining clear and measurable goals is fundamental to the success of any company or team. A methodology that stands out for its simplicity and scalability is the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) approach. Diogo Cunha, explained in another WYTalk, at the Beach House – WYgroup’s HQs, […]

Aug 11, 2023

Now you choose…

A caricature of the life of advertising agencies, big or small, involved in the painful game of pitches. Yesterday I went to a restaurant. When they put the menu in front of me, I said I wasn’t going to order anything specific. I explained that I was a client with a moderate appetite, that I […]

Jul 27, 2023

Ghosts that don’t frighten…

I was born at a time when working in advertising was glamourous and made others – on the client side – jealous. After being for two and a half decades on the clients’ side, I joined the agencies 3 years ago. The glamour may no longer be the same, but the work remains extremely interesting […]

Jun 30, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the data of your future

Concerns about the impact of AI on existing business models and their implications have begun to arise as we continue to be bombarded with ChatGPT and its derivatives from different categories. An AI machine is, in its most simplistic view, a gigantic data processor with extraordinary capabilities to process and organize it, in ways unimaginable […]

May 18, 2023

Portuguese Brands: the power of invisible quality

I recall the frequent remark that the Portugal brand was not beneficial for our exports. Now we have the strongest Portugal brand ever. What are we going to do with it and how can we use it? Portugal is rich in its cultural and artistic heritage and possesses high-value artisanal skills in various sectors and […]

May 18, 2023

“It is essential to be agile and to always be one step ahead in the training offering”

Five years after its foundation, Lisbon Digital School (LDS) enters a new phase. “Learn faster, look forward” is the new motto. In a market that is looking for qualified profiles with digital skills, Natacha Pereira, LDS’s CEO, considers that the academic portfolio still falls short of responding to this challenge, so it is essential to […]

May 08, 2023

Please stop calling Strategy to everything you do

In the most recent WYtalk, Paulo Rossas, CIO at Lisbon Digital School, brought up a topic focused on the proliferation and (trickery) use of the word “strategy” in the world of Digital Marketing, and how it simply… doesn’t make any sense. Paulo told us that, in 1973, Adriano Celentano, an Italian artist and singer, influenced […]

Apr 28, 2023

Data-Driven Brands: Creating brands from Portugal to the World

Creating successful brands and taking them to the global market is one of the biggest challenges we face in Portugal. The successful cases are, unfortunately, few and limited to a few sectors. There is no doubt that “know-how” exists in our country, but a mentality and even a business culture leads us to look for […]