This is a commitment from Os Mosqueteiros, together with WYcreative.

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WYcreative joined Os Mosqueteiros group to communicate the commitment made by its three brands in defending families’ purchasing power during the Christmas season.

The Os Mosqueteiros Group, through its three brands, undertakes the mission of helping to improve the quality of life of the Portuguese, by reducing the prices of more than 5,000 items, available in Intermarché, Bricomarché and Roady stores. A mission that takes on even greater importance during the Christmas season and which is now materialized by WYcreative, through the Group’s first multimedia campaign.

“How can we communicate and reinforce the purpose of Grupo Mosqueteiros nowadays, when advertising blocks are flooded with Christmas campaigns? We had to find a concept that goes beyond a normal advertising campaign,” says Tiago Varino. In the words of WYcreative’s Creative Director, “This was the insight that led the way for the development of this campaign”.

The WYcreative team thus teamed up with Os Mosqueteiros Group to demonstrate that this is not a promotional campaign, but rather a true commitment to the purchasing power of families, assumed by its three brands. To realize this idea, a film was created, among several other pieces, that literally interrupts the usual Christmas ads to reveal this commitment. A platform was also created – – where customers of the three brands can consult the articles included in this campaign.

Here you’ll find the link for the video campaign.