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The shopping center experience is increasingly becoming an all-in-one experience

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The shopping center experience is increasingly becoming an all-in-one experience, according to Sonae Sierra’s European Marketing Team and WYgroup. 36 websites across 5 continents that promise to change the way you connect and experience life.

Sonae Sierra’s re-positioning – “Experimente Mais” – marked the different shopping centers of Sonae Sierra throughout 2022, and the brand also started to work on revamping the shopping centers’ websites. The goal was to present the different spaces as real aggregators of experiences, as they now present an offer that goes far beyond their original functionality.

Since that date, the teams at WYcreative and WYperformance have developed a complete and detailed design system, designed for mobile-first, capable of being adapted to all shopping centers managed by the brand. When creating these modular websites, the focus was on composing a solution capable of evolving according to the needs of each shopping center and extending to the entire available offer.

You can already see the results of this work today. Across 36 websites, located in the Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian and Romanian markets, you can see the new character of Sonae Sierra’s shopping centers and the multifunctional spaces they now offer. In some of the shopping centers in Portugal, such as Centro Colombo, Centro Vasco da Gama, and NorteShopping, it is now possible to access in an even simpler and more intuitive way information such as opening times and center capacity, services such as: “lockers” (where orders placed online can be picked up), “Pik Nik” and “Baby Meal Corners” (family dining areas equipped with microwaves), water refill areas, solution for reserving parking spaces or bicycle parking spaces and scooters are some of the many services that are available online.

The goal is to make your visit to the center more comprehensive and convenient, with digital elements playing a key role in enhancing the on-site experience. Each customer’s area is now easier to access, making it easier to manage everything that comes with it.