Information Security Policy

(creation date: 05.07.2022)

The WYgroup Board of Directors considers a priority the implementation of the ISMS, imposed as a necessity to compete in the market and continuously improve the organization processes. In addition, current legislation is clear on the subject of Information Security, from the legal framework of data protection to the specific requirements of service providers. As a compromise, WYgroup defines this policy with appropriate measures that ensure the implementation of the ISMS based on the international standard ISO 27001:2013:

This allows the continuous improvement of the business processes and the improvement of all teams in Information Security (ISO 27001), ensuring that the ISMS is always aligned with WYgroup objectives.

WYgroup Board of Directors understands that a high level of security quality must, therefore, be guaranteed in a permanent and balanced way, to prevent the materialization of inherent risks, to mitigate or limit potential damages, and to guarantee that the business operates according to plan over time.