Investors Relations Overview

WYgroup has been one of the leading players in digital marketing, technology and creativity services in Portugal.

WYgroup and its companies have enjoyed a good run of growth during the last 22 years gathering clients, entering new verticals, and achieving great results in its local market.

Founded in 2001 as a full-service branding agency, WYgroup is currently 100% owned by GGPR, SGPS, Lda., the management company of the initial founders of the group. Since then, the success of our business has been supported by our sustained growth, both in retaining talented people and in managing long-term relationships with satisfied clients and partners. 

Sustainable Growth




In 2023, we have reached more than 27€ Million in turnover, with a YoY growth of 11%, and we intend to grow stronger and stronger. In the coming years, we aim to expand our growth in the development of innovative marketing and media offers that continue to create the future.


Business & Entrepreneurship


WYgroup is an entrepreneurial group actively seeking to empower ventures with innovative businesses, aligned with its expertise fields.

WYgroup invests greatly in people, as talent and entrepreneurship are highly valuable competencies. Accordingly, the group acts as an agent of seed capital or business angel by buying out some capital that allows the companies to accelerate and empower their development in the early stages of their existence.

The group is always actively seeking for new opportunities to expand, through the acquisition of capital in companies that are aligned with WYgroup’s values. If you are an entrepreneur with an innovative business in the fields of Marketing, Communications, and Technology and seeking investment capital to start-up your venture, please contact us.