WYgroup is certified by ISO 27001 in information security management

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WYgroup is at the forefront of information security management with ISO 27001 certification. It is the first Portuguese business Communication Group recognized with international standards.

WYgroup has been working over the last 18 months on the Certification of the International Information Security Standard ISO 27001, with the main objective of preparing the group’s business units for current and future security challenges, to protect its customers and business partners better. This exhaustive work, which involved the entire organization across the board, culminated in the recent achievement of ISO27001 Certification, the international reference that establishes a standard and conduct of good practices relating to Information Security Management.

Obtaining this ISO 27001 certification required the group to undergo a rigorous audit process, carried out by an independent certifying company, where various aspects were evaluated, from operational processes, infrastructure, risk management, access control, business continuity plan, and legal compliance, among many others. This stamp of quality conveys a strong and clear message that WYgroup is committed to ensuring the security of its data, protecting the information of all customers, employees, and partners, and being prepared to deal with security threats considering the highest international standards.

João Santos, WYgroup’s COO, says: “We are very proud to reach this milestone, which reflects WYgroup’s relevance given to information security, at all levels in the group. Our core is to develop and grow businesses through digital, combining Creativity, Design, Technology, Media, and Data, contributing to the reconversion and digital transition of our partner clients, which is why having our security policies certified is crucial. But this path continues beyond this point. We continuously strive for excellence daily, and we will continue to face various information security challenges, continually enhancing our processes to better meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market.”

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 certification is based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001, which establishes the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This standard defines a set of controls and practices companies must implement to protect information assets and reduce security-related risks.

Obtaining ISO 27001 certification requires the companies to undergo a rigorous audit process, carried out by an independent certification company. During the audits, several aspects are assessed, such as risk management, access control, business continuity, and legal compliance.

Why is ISO 27001 certification so important for WYgroup?

After a long time of work and preparation, WYgroup presented a high level of compliance with all the requirements necessary to accomplish ISO 27001 certification. This achievement of all the group’s employees brings countless benefits to our daily work, both internally and for all our customers and partners.

➜ Greater data security and risk management: The implementation of the controls and practices recommended by the ISO 27001 standard is based on a risk management approach that helps companies identify, assess, and mitigate information security risks, ensuring adequate protection of all the data we work with, whether from employees, customers or partners. This includes the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, helping to prevent and avoid network and data security incidents.

➜ Greater trust and reputation: Along with trust in the work we develop, side by side, with our customers and partners, information security is a crucial aspect for trust with our partners, as there is a guarantee of protection of customers’ sensitive information, which consequently brings a feeling of greater security and comfort when sharing information. This internationally recognized certification demonstrates WYgroup’s commitment to protecting the information of all customers, employees, and partners, and to being prepared to deal with threats to its security. By implementing ISO 27001, WYgroup also intends to increase its credibility and reputation in the market by showing its commitment to information security.

➜ Regulatory compliance and continuous improvement: ISO 27001 helps companies maintain compliance with laws and regulations related to data protection, such as the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Portugal, avoiding sanctions, financial damage, and reputational damage, among others. It is also a continuous process and must be updated regularly by our teams to ensure that information security is always up to date and protected, which encourages us to constantly monitor, review, and improve information security processes.

ISO 27001 certification reinforces WYgroup’s position as a leader in the business communications sector in Portugal, dedicated to Marketing and Consumer Experience services.