WYgroup companies join GRACE

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GRACE | Empresas Responsáveis is a non-profit public utility business association that operates in the areas of Social Responsibility and Sustainability. 

It is part of the European network of CSR Europe, a leader in sustainability and corporate responsibility, supporting industry sectors and companies at a global level, in the transformation and search for practical solutions for sustainable growth.

At WYgroup, we believe that we must take responsibility for our impact on society, being socially and environmentally responsible, seeking “shared value” that brings benefits to society. Our companies have become part of GRACE, with the purpose of developing a corporate social responsibility structure and an integrated commitment to integrating, innovating and inspiring CSR practices, in order to facilitate our access to knowledge, experience and a network of contacts that will be useful to us in developing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at the heart of our companies.

Together, let’s make this journey!
Congratulations Bloomcast, Lisbon Digital School, NERVO, WYcreative, WYperformance and White!