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WYcreative and Standvirtual are driven by humor

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WYcreative created the most recent campaign for Standvirtual, which aims to reinforce its reputation as a specialist in the automotive industry.

“Deixa-te guiar por quem sabe” was the concept for a 360º campaign, based on short humorous stories in which we see professionals, from random areas, such as doctors or trainers, who end up resolving unusual situations using Standvirtual.
The spots developed deviate from the format of traditional advertising films, focusing on humor through sketches, to reinforce its position as a trusted advisor among consumers.

“Humor always ends up being very well received by the Portuguese. It is a challenging path because you need to be funny, which in addition to being difficult, is very subjective” says Ricardo Cardoso, marketing director at Standvirtual.
The campaign, broadcasted on TV, radio, cinema, outdoor and digital supports, was creatively directed by Sérgio Lobo, from WYcreative. Sérginho states: “Our client operates in the digital world, so we searched for a content language that people are already familiar with and accustomed to seeing in this medium. By doing this, we can engage in a conversation with the customer without interfering with their usual experience”.
The sketches were produced by “Aquele Abraço”, César Mourão’s producer, with Diogo Corte directing and with the special participation of Gustavo Miranda, a Colombian actor who is part of “Commedia a la Carte” casting crew.

You can watch the commercial ad here.