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The 14th anniversary of Briefing is WYcreative. And it brings awards.

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WYcreative took on the challenge of creating an ad inspired by Artificial Intelligence to mark Briefing’s 14th anniversary, and the result is awards: best content marketing campaign of the year at the SAPO Awards and a bronze in Digital – G. Self-Promotion at the CCP 2024 Awards.

What if an agency could hire the greatest creative minds in history? This is the premise of the creativity that puts the reader in the role of creative director for names like Fernando Pessoa, Stanley Kubrick, Andy Warhol, or Frida Kahlo. An idea that goes beyond the printed page, directing people to a platform where each person can choose their dream duo and generate the commemorative ad for Briefing’s 14th anniversary.

“This project was a source of inspiration and a catalyst for the creative performance of our teams, culminating in something we can only describe as fantastic,” says João Santos, Chief Operating Officer of WYgroup, expressing “pride and joy” at the recognitions.

“We enthusiastically accepted the challenge, deciding to leverage the ‘greatest creative minds in history’ through artificial intelligence. This project was not only a source of inspiration but also a catalyst for our teams’ creative performance, resulting in work that we can only describe as fantastic and that fills us with pride,” comments Sérgio Lobo, Executive Creative Director of WYcreative.

“We are extremely proud of our teams, whose passion and talent are the driving force behind these successes. This award is a testament to our commitment to excellence and to the relentless pursuit of new and creative ways to communicate,” he adds, emphasizing the “excellence and dedication” of the teams and “the importance of being at the forefront of creative innovation.”

You can watch the video of this ad here and see the interview with Sérgio Lobo explaining the creative concept here.

Article originally published in Briefing.