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In an edition that coincides with Sumol’s 70th anniversary, the Sumol Summer Fest 2024 draws from the new identity of its parent brand to announce its return to Costa da Caparica and to unveil a refreshed image. This effort combines the strategy and creativity of Nervo with the production expertise of A Máquina.

The festival, held for the second year at S. João beach in Costa da Caparica, continues to embody its “É o que és” ethos, while strengthening its urban footprint and bringing the brand and its products closer to festival-goers.

“The Sumol Summer Fest has grown and matured. Alongside it, our communication has evolved, presenting a more minimalist visual line, aligned with our target audience’s references—urban, bold, and straight to the point. The concept—‘É o que és’—remains unchanged as it legitimizes the festival’s annual evolution, reflecting our responsiveness to our audience’s needs. Our challenge each year is to stay current and provide an experience that meets expectations,” says Miguel Pires, Creative Partner at NERVO.

This evolution in the festival’s communication—from its identity to the photoshoot designed to highlight the Sumol Summer Fest features — also aligns with the new heritage of the parent brand, which celebrates its 70th anniversary and finds new expression in Costa da Caparica.

The campaign “Sempre que brilha o Sol, Sumol” is the highlight of the brand activation space. Here, prominently featured, is a graffiti-covered delivery van – one of the most commonly used mediums for street artists to express themselves – and it is the center of the action. In their luggage, we find posters of the new campaign divided into pieces that, in teams, participants will have to assemble and display throughout the recreated urban environment – all to the rhythm of the song “Sempre que brilha o Sol.”

In line with Sumol’s connection to street art, a challenge was presented to students of the World Academy, curated by artist and educator Tamara Alves, to create a welcoming mural at the festival entrance, underscoring Sumol’s support for emerging creators.

“Since the festival moved to Costa da Caparica, it has revitalized its connection to the urban interests of Sumol’s target audience. Staying attuned to trends in places frequented by our audience is crucial, as it guides us to new materials, textures, and mediums to convey our message,” reveals Tiago Tarracha, Managing Partner at NERVO.

On the first floor of the large Sumol structure at the festival is the Casa Sumol, a brand space featuring the festival’s most coveted terrace—with views of the stage and beach—a tattoo zone, a claw machine, a wall dedicated to Sumol co-creators, and multiple bar areas serving Sumol well into the night, creating a unique festival atmosphere.