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Lisbon Digital School announces the launch of a new pioneer specialization Course in Gaming and eSports

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Lisbon Digital School

The Lisbon Digital School announces the launch of a new long-term online course, focused on Gaming and eSports, designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry. With the Gaming and eSports ecosystem evolving at an unprecedented pace, this innovative course aims to equip participants with the essential knowledge, tools, and insights necessary to excel in this emerging territory.

Designed by experienced professionals in gaming and eSports, this comprehensive course offers a deep dive into the inner workings of the gaming and eSports industry, which is increasingly relevant nationally and internationally. Recognizing the immense potential of this sector, the course’s main objective is to professionalize those seeking to establish a prominent position in this expanding market.

The course curriculum covers 12 modules structured to empower participants to develop professional skills in the gaming and eSports scene in Portugal, with the assistance of industry experts who possess extensive experience and deep knowledge of the market dynamics, both locally and globally.

“We are very excited to present this specialization course in Gaming and eSports,” says Natacha Pereira, CEO at Lisbon Digital School. “As the industry continues to witness exponential growth, there is an urgent need to empower a set of qualified professionals equipped to successfully explore this sector. Our course is designed to meet this demand, offering participants a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best in this field.”

What contributes to the differentiation of this innovative course is also the faculty of renowned professionals who have been essential to the success of Portugal’s most prominent gaming and eSports events and brands, with Nelson Sousa, also known as ‘daividjones’, an experienced presenter and event producer with comprehensive skills in 360 marketing, sponsor acquisition, event promotion, and creative direction, and also Paulo Rossas, Chief Innovation Officer and trainer at Lisbon Digital School, serving as coordinators. With extensive practical experience, the panel of trainers will provide participants with practical and real examples drawn from their broad involvement in the industry.

Whether aspiring to pursue a career in eSports management, game and/or content development, event production, or marketing in the gaming industry, this specialization course offers a comprehensive foundation for success in various roles within the gaming and eSports ecosystem.

For more information on the specialization course in Gaming and eSports and registration details, please visit the course link here.