Bloomcast Reveals New Image

Bloomcast logo

Celebrating twelve years in business, Bloomcast has refreshed its digital presence with a new website and brand identity. This change aims to simplify site navigation and access, bringing a modern and appealing graphic image, while also conveying the agency’s growth and the evolution of its service areas. Demonstrating the recognition of the quality of its work, the agency has recently expanded its client portfolio to include Forvis Mazars, E-REDES, Pluxee, among others. The new Bloomcast image was created by WYcreative, the creativity-focused agency within the WYgroup. THE NEW IMAGE OF BLOOMCAST IS SIGNED BY WYCREATIVE, THE WYGROUP AGENCY DEDICATED TO CREATIVITY.

According to Rodolfo Oliveira, Managing Partner, “We have been creating a shared story with our clients and partners, leveraging the talented and innovative team within the WYgroup. Over these years, our priority has been to innovate our service offerings, enhance the effectiveness of our results, and address the challenges presented by our clients. We continue to strive for innovation and have the ambition to do things differently and better. This spirit is reflected in the new Bloomcast identity and our website.”

Today’s organizations demand agility from their partners, making the strategy—the thread that frames and amplifies communication—more fluid, responsive to context, market evolution, and new possibilities offered by digital platforms. Bloomcast prioritizes linking strategy with results-focused execution, whether in media consulting, social media, or diverse content creation, areas where Bloomcast has been steadily growing its client network.

Article originally published in Briefing.