Ana Fernandes Diretora Executiva WYperformance

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: Responsible Innovation

Ana Fernandes - Executive Director at WYperformance
Ana Fernandes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a new concept in marketing, and experts in the field know that it is already a reality in programmatic media buying, pay-per-click advertisement effectiveness, and data-driven content creation. However, natural language processing (NPL) tools like ChatGPT have radically changed the way we work in digital marketing, speeding up processes, optimizing efficiency, and automating tasks.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence platforms has profound implications for companies, from ethical issues to the set of skills needed in their teams to information security. The quality of results from Artificial Intelligence platforms is directly associated with the training data used, which may include biased human decisions or prejudices based on gender, race, or sexual orientation. Careful analysis of the raw data is necessary to guarantee the representativeness of the sample and the absence of errors and bias. As technology evolves, it may become economically viable to create, train, and develop our own Artificial Intelligence systems, offering an experience and results optimized for our customers’ needs. In the absence of specific legislation, it is up to each company to define the limits and responsible practices for using Artificial Intelligence that allow it to accompany technological transformation while maintaining alignment with its values and mission.

The consented and informed collection of data following the GDPR, its secure storage and complete transparency in the way customer data is used are a priority for companies and customers. WYperformance is an ISO 27001 certified company and has a permanent DPO, who monitors and validates all of the agency’s processes.

The need to process and extract insights from a large volume of data or to train our own Artificial Intelligence models forces us to rethink the set of capabilities of our teams, placing greater emphasis on strategy and data science components, requiring close collaboration between marketers, engineers, and UX specialists.

At WYperformance we are committed to technological innovation, making the most of Artificial Intelligence. By incorporating automation into previously time-consuming tasks, such as animating still images, and creating voice-overs for campaigns or avatars that humanize e-learning content, we constantly seek to improve our clients’ customer experience. Our balanced approach between Artificial Intelligence-powered efficiency and human validation ensures that every interaction is not only technologically advanced but also genuinely engaging and personalized.

Originally published in LIDER Magazine.