WYcreative New positioning for Manhãzitos

A new positioning for Manhãzitos® with a new brand logo, packaging, mascot, and campaign

WYcreative logo

The challenge given to WYcreative, was to look for a new positioning for Manhãzitos® that was more modern and adapted to the brand’s target.

In order to respond to this need, it was necessary to develop a new logo, mascot, packaging, and even a new brand communication campaign. It was essential to reinvigorate the way the brand interacts with customers and how the concept of energy is perceived, which is new territory for the brand.
With the path defined, WYcreative thought of a format to reach all of the brand’s consumers, by creating a “crew”, with rhythm, color, and coolness and producing a videoclip, with Hip-hop music and lyrics. A protagonist was chosen to bring the mascot “Zito” to life, and a group of children got together to interpret and translate the campaign message.
WYcreative’s Creative Management team – Sérgio Lobo, Tiago Varino, and Carlos Pontes – states “This new communication concept “Manda o teu melhor”, takes us us back to a mindset that’s already familiar to younger audiences. The current generation of young people is eager to demonstrate that they are comfortable in their own skin, that they’re cool and they know exactly what they want. The campaign is a reflection of that.”. The team adds “The scenarios and visuals in the campaign were made to reflect the brand’s new look and feel”.
For the brand’s Marketing Manager, Maria Rider Rodriguez, “This campaign signals a shift in the brand’s approach to communication, which is more contemporary and in line with the needs of modern consumers. After a months-long creation process, together with WYcreative and Trix, we developed a campaign that will not leave anyone indifferent of which we are very proud. In the new campaign, our mascot is reimagined as a youthful, positive-minded individual embodying the brand’s ethos and values that are intended to be conveyed to consumers. We believe that Zito’s rap will be sung across the country in the coming months. Because Manhazitos® gives you energy at any time of the day”.
The production was in charge of Trix, with Francisco Nefe directing.

You can watch here the video.