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Paying fuel without leaving the car.

Prio.Go is the first mobile app in Portugal allowing users to pay for fuel without leaving their cars. We were challenged to make the design and development of this innovative solution that integrates multiple systems.

What was our challenge?

Prio challenged us to create an app that would transform the fuel pumping experience, making it more convenient and faster than ever for the users. We designed and developed PRIO.GO, a mobile app that processes the users’ payments in real-time and unlocks the pump to allow them to fill up the tank.

 What were the main features?

Paying the gas

With PRIO.GO, users can pay for their fuel without leaving the car. From inside the vehicle, they can choose the type of fuel, a fuel dispenser, and the payment method desired. This flow was designed to make the pumping experience less time-consuming, allowing users to save up to 70% of their time, compared to the traditional process.

Visualizing the consumption history

Users have, at their disposal, a consumption history that encompasses every fuel supply processed by the app. This history includes details such as where the users fuelled, how much they paid for it, and exclusive offers from Prio.


Locating gas stations nearby

PRIO.GO allows the users to easily discover the gas stations closer to them. Users can check the details about each station and, from there, immediately launch their favorite navigation app.

Planning the next travels

PRIO.GO allows the users to plan their trips ahead. By choosing the starting and destination points, as well as the fuel preferences, the app will calculate the precise locations where users can fuel their cars.

This innovative project was recognized and awarded as "Product of the Year 2021" in Portugal, and also in the ACEPI NAVEGANTES XXI 2019 Awards, in the "Best Digital Innovation" category.

Our expertise:

  • User Experience & Interface Design (UX/UI)
  • Mobile Development