Evento Nervo Passa Cá RTP1

“PASSA CÁ” – RTP1’s invitation to discover its new broadcast programming schedule, signed by NERVO.

Nervo Brand Entertainment logo

NERVO was again chosen by RTP1 to create and produce the presentation event for its new programming schedule, inviting the most curious – “PASSA CÁ”.

NERVO produced and presented the programming schedule for RTP1’s next season at the Capitol on September 13th.

The motto chosen to convey the message could not be more direct – “PASSA CÁ”: Come by the event to find out what’s coming. And it’s on RTP1, everything that was presented throughout the event.
The event dynamics’ were also focused on creating several moments in which guests were challenged to move around and make way through various points to discover what will arrive in RTP1’s new programming. Media, employees, actors, producers and other guests found out what would be on the channel’s schedule for this year to come.
Miguel Pires, Creative Partner at NERVO, says: “It is always a pleasure and a great challenge to receive this briefing from RTP1. Although the type of event is kind of the same every year, we know that each season we have to reinvent ourselves, and adapt the concept of the event to what the season has prepared for the times ahead. In a year in which the broadcast programming will be super eclectic – no spoilers, sorry – we felt the need to create an event that was also very dynamic, and got guests moving around.”
Between the most anticipated programs in each of the next season’s categories and moments of entertainment starring the channel’s faces known to all Portuguese people, Tiago Tarracha, Managing Partner at NERVO, adds: “We know how many hours these events can take, so our aim was to involve the audience and make them feel part of the program. That’s why, in this presentation, we didn’t limit ourselves to the stage, and we created presentation moments in different locations, in a kind of ping-pong between the main stage and the corners, inspired by the station’s star programs.