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We stand for shared values

Our Culture is closely related to the value proposition we offer the market.

We are a reflection of our work and our results. That is why the match to our values is vital for personal and professional growth and the sustainability of the company. We believe a positive and trusting work environment ensures continuous improvement and contributes to increase employees’ professional scope. Together, the group agencies establish a set of common principles based on four core values. These sustain the pillar of our human capital strategy.


High Potential

Our people are our greatest assets, so it is critical to our competitive success leveraging our collaborators’ potential to the highest standards. We endeavor to provide our employees with continuous opportunities for development and growth, to ensure on-the-job training and improvement at the individual, team and organisational levels.


Positive Connections

We believe there is a direct positive connection between energy, self-motivation and higher on-the-job performance. Proactive people reflect drive and are enthusiastic learners, eager to meet challenges. That is why our commitment is to focus on energetic performers with an upbeat attitude, keen to work in a fast paced dynamic environment and to contribute to a highly energetic entrepreneurial team.


Good balance

To provide top expertise and consistently deliver excellent results, we strive for a balance between smart work and hard work. Our high-quality standards are based on efficient result-oriented people with a can-do attitude, that only find solace when providing our clients with the best possible solutions. Ensuring absolute client satisfaction is essential to our business continuity and growth.


Solid Reliability

We are committed to practising the highest business ethics standards. Positive work ethics shapes everything we do and echoes on how we work and build trust. Honesty and integrity creates value in every communication and establishes trusting relationships with co-workers and clients. We build value with credibility and reliability for our clients.

Social concern

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility ties directly to WYgroup’s purpose of being meaningful and taking responsibility for our impact on society. It is a business strategy that shapes how we operate on a daily basis. We believe in being socially and environmentally responsible by pursuing "shared value"—which brings not only economic but also social benefits.

Workplace Environment

In WYgroup, we provide a place for talented employees to thrive. We work together to create healthy and positive workplaces that influence our people’s experience and promote wellbeing.

WYgroup is a place of growth and development, where we breathe innovation and fresh creativity, we are fluent in advanced technology and people can be passionate about what they do. We promote a balance between work and personal life, as well as collaboration and open communication.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainable action within WYgroup is crucial, and acting accordingly means that we foster a great engagement from all corporate resources and stakeholders.

Since 2009, WYgroup has an internal, fully operational Social Responsibility Program entitled WYhelp, which annually promotes a number of initiatives, both external and internal. This project cuts across all companies and focuses on the willingness to help from all employees. Among those activities, we do blood collections, we volunteer for fundraising events for institutions and we provide pro-bono support to various national and foreign institutions, such as:

  • Aldeias SOS
  • Angelman
  • Associação Guias de Portugal (AGP)
  • Casa de Santo António
  • Entrajuda
  • Família Solidária
  • Federação Portuguesa de Desporto para Pessoas com Deficiência (FPDD)
  • Fundação Manuel António da Mota
  • Igreja Matriz de Oeiras
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Médicos do Mundo
  • Motel X
  • Operação Nariz Vermelho
  • SOS Voz Amiga