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NERVO is Brand Entertainment. For people, through brands.

NERVO is a Brand Entertainment agency focused on delivering authentic & relevant experiences to people through brands.

Culture, art, music, travelling, sports, gaming and the process of creating and discovering is truly what fuels us and at the core of everything we do.

We aim to create actions with social and cultural impact, where relevance is imposed on creativity to generate reactions.

Our team is capable of thinking, designing, producing and managing a wide array of events / entertainment platforms, facing each challenge as a custom one. Owned events, launch events, festival activation and design, sponsorships activation, store openings, guerrilla stunts and unique corporate meetings are just a few examples of what we’ve been doing.

Our strategy for each project is based on three pillars:

People first, brands second. If we put people first, brands win. Our work speaks directly with the consumers, allowing brands to find a space to connect with their target with added value, being recognised as providers instead of intruders. This must be true in every single one of our events.

More than being different, we aim to be relevant. We only do different if it makes a difference. Creativity, innovation and technology appear in our creative process when they contribute to generate relevance, authenticity and context.

Quantity is not necessarily quality. The success of our events is not measured solely by numbers, but by the quality of the unleashed responses. We aim to create, first and foremost, impactful actions, whether they reach 100 or 100.000 people.

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Our expertise

  • Entertainment
  • Creativity
  • Production
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Content
  • Events