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We design and develop solutions that solve users’ problems. Make their life bliss.

Founded in Lisbon at the end of 2009, Bliss Applications is a Portuguese company leader in the development of software focused on design, with a focus on the development of digital products.

We are a software company, capable of creating solutions, from an App to an AR/VR experience. We are also experienced in creating IoT and wearable products.

With more than 100 Digital Products launched in the last decade, we are an experienced team of designers and engineers that work together with each client to improve the lives of every person that interacts with each digital experience we deliver.

Our Product Design process, inspired by methodologies such as the Google Design Sprint and Design Thinking, is facilitated by certified professionals and adapted to each client`s needs, always in close collaboration with our amazing engineering team that assures we choose the best technical approach to deliver on time, on budget and with great quality.

Our expertise

  • Own Solutions: Creating and selling own products and solutions.
  • Tech Startups: Creating the software technology for startups
  • Consumer Mobile: Marketing for brands and products.
  • Enterprise Mobile: B2B and mobility solutions for business processes.