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Focused on innovation

Shaped by curiosity

WYgroup is a holding for 7 independent companies established on the fields of marketing, communication and technology. We are the largest independent marketing services group operating in Portugal and one of the leading players in the Portuguese market for the last 20 years. We offer a value proposition based on digital marketing and best business practices for technological solutions. With high-level standards, we provide clients a wide scope of digital and marketing solutions, delivering tailor-made strategies and an effective, constant support.

we serve more than





core specialties

We strive to leverage the best of our current and future leaders.

WYgroup’s leaders are accountable for building solid teams where thinking boldly and challenging the expected creates competitive advantage and heads for optimal performance outcomes.

They are always looking ahead, steering their teams to excel and driving our business forward.

300 People

Talented and engaged collaborators

Our approach covers the whole digital spectrum.

With specialist for every discipline, we offer end-to-end capabilities across the digital landscape. We offer a wide array of marketing solutions as a group of independent agencies, each tailored to meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Our nimble structure allows us to adapt promptly to the clients’ needs and to assemble interdisciplinary Project Teams that work closely alongside.

Thus, WYgroup’s collaborative framework enables us to provide integrated solutions that add concrete value to our clients, allowing them to meet their goals.

7 Agencies

15 Partners

Highly experienced and skilled leaders

WYgroup is going global and moving closer

Now present in Lisbon, Oporto and Boston, we are expanding our physical presence internationally and broadening our horizons by entering new markets. This means we can strengthen our international partnerships, widen our focus, attract more talented people and serve our customers better and better.

3 Offices worldwide

We are expanding our international presence

We are driving business growth and shareholders value through entrepreneurship

We are committed to building a sustainable and long-term growing business through talent and entrepreneurship, within our core expertise of digital and marketing services.

For 20 years, we have maintained best practices and created long-term value, resulting in consistent performance.

€19 Millions

Revenues in 2020