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Jorge Serpa's Photo Exhibition at Portuguese Embassy

As we open our offices here in the USA, in the newly inaugurated Portugal Ventures accelerator, located in Boston, we are proud of having a small part in helping Jorge Serpa's Photo Exhibition come to public at the Portuguese Embassy Open Day. The pure joy of looking at small parts of our beloved home country hand picked by the eye and craftsmanship of Jorge are nothing more then "saudade crusher" and a fantastic sight here in Washington.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did.



Elsevier, the biggest worldwide group of scientific information is investing on digital marketing solutions to get new clients. WYgroup won this international competition that turned out to be a SEO project, reaching a scale never known before in our country.

This project, whose goal is to support the migration of technical publishing business of the group Elsevier to digital platforms, involves the responsibilty for the advertising and digital marketing campaigns, the optimization strategies of the website for search (SEO) and also for managing the relationship with the customers online through social networks, the mobile applications and the integrated design that supports these components of the digital marketing.

The project will impact on 12 countries spread across 4 continents – from the 24 where Elsevier is present.

This project of the WYgroup agencies for Elsevier will happen until the middle of 2015 and it involves a team of 12 people – experts in SEO and Search Advertising, Social/Media consultants, designers, software engineers and project managers – who will be working between Santo Amaro de Oeiras and Amsterdam, where the Elsevier group is based.