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A very different bank app.

moey! is a new fully mobile bank that is taking the market by storm. We helped develop the product strategy, UX and UI design, and native mobile development, partnering with Crédito Agrícola, Mastercard, Microsoft, Meniga, and many more.

What was the challenge?

moey!’s goal was to leave behind all competitors and compete head-to-head with the big fintech by becoming the first digital bank in Portugal 100% mobile. This new bank would be simple to get and use, and would understand the needs of today’s users in order to give them customized and relevant solutions.

What are the main features?

- Managing savings and expenses: A top feature is the auto-categorization of expenses, allowing the users to see where they are spending more. They can also create goals for savings, and manage them. With moey!, users know they are in control of their money!

- Making payments and transferences effortlessly: moey! provides the quickest transfers and payments in the market. Not only it works with contactless technology, as it’s the first solution of its kind in Portugal supporting Apple Pay. moey! is also integrated with MBway, offering users another simple way to send and request money. Between moey! accounts, transferences become even simpler.

- Splitting expenses: moey! is the simplest way to keep in order the money that users owe and are owed to. It’s possible to split joint bills or create groups for more recurrent expenses. moey! removes all the hassle and tells the user who has paid in real time.


- Controlling the account security: Inside the app, security can be easily strengthened by adding fingerprint or face identification. In case a moey! card is lost or stolen, it can be canceled or blocked right through the app. It’s also possible to choose where a card can be used, and even to block or enable online shopping.


Our expertise:

  • UX & UI Design
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Strategy