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Take control of your home.

Our homes are getting smarter every day, and people are getting more and more demanding with their features. They want more visibility and control over energy consumption to become smarter, more efficient, and behave more responsibly.

Assuma o controlo total da sua casa numa só aplicação | EDP

What were the challenges?

EDP’s goal was to take the next step in smart home innovation by providing a world-class platform that would connect and integrate all the energy inside the user’s home. We were challenged to develop this system’s app, contributing to the leap towards the democratization of energy management and home automation.

The app is the core element of an IoT system that allows users to connect to and control their homes, their appliances, and other devices. Whenever they want. Wherever they are.  

What were the main features?

- Control: The EDP re:dy controller and smart plugs are installed and configured easily through the app and can be set on and off manually or remotely.


- Monitor consumption and production: EDP re:dy’s award-winning UI, inspired by living organic shapes, makes the experience of monitoring energy consumption and production an easy and pleasant one. From the app's main dashboard, the users can check the consumption of their homes as a whole and of each particular device. Users with solar systems can also visualize their energy production in this area.

- Controlling devices remotely: Users can turn on and off each individual equipment, from the air conditioner to the boiler, to any other connected device. They can do it remotely at any time.


- Routines: Through automated routines, users can control and schedule several devices at the same time. In case of any anomalies or unexpected consumption, the users will receive an alert.

What was the impact of our intervention?

It was elected one of the best apps in the world by the World Summit Awards Mobile, of the United Nations, winning in the “Environment and Green Energy” category, and also in the European Energy Awards 2016.

It was also recognized and awarded Bronze and Silver awards at the ACEPI NAVEGANTES XXI 2017, two Silver awards at the CCP 2017, and one Silver award, both at the 2017 Lusófonos and at the Meios & Publicidade 2016 Festival.

Watch the video case: 


Our expertise:

  • Engineering and Technology
  • Mobile Development
  • UX & UI Design