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Beach Talks

Communicating is our beach.


Summer is time for relaxed and informal conversations, even about the most complex topics. This is the spirit of the meetings that WYgroup promoted at its Beach House, this summer for the second time, in partnership with ECO.

The second season of WYgroup's “Beach Talks”, in partnership with ECO, sets the stage for the personal views and perspectives of several professionals, who are dedicated to communication, companies and brands.

Ana André, Marketing Director at Leroy Merlin, Frederico Arouca, Marketing Communication Team Leader at Sogrape, Armando Alves, Digital Marketing Director at Brisa, Luísa Manso, New Business Director at WYcreative, Rita Reis, Multichannel Communications Manager at MSD, Ricardo Assunção, Marketing and Communication Director at DIA Portugal, Luís Nunes, Head of Content & Social Media Management at WYperformance, Maria João Vaz, Managing Partner at Stravillia Sustainability Hub, Ricardo Valente, Vereador do Pelouro da Economia, Emprego e Empreendedorismo at Câmara Municipal do Porto, Pedro Arrais, Head of Investor Relations at Mota-Engil, Filipa Montalvão Partner at White Way, Carla Fonseca, Chief Marketing Officer at BI4all, Ricardo Rocha, Marketing and Communication Director at Noesis, Rodolfo Oliveira, Managing Partner at BloomCast Consulting, Mónica Serrano, General Director @ Atelier Impresa at Grupo Impresa, Ana Marcela, Executive Director da Revista Pessoas at ECO, Paulo Rossas, Chief Innovation Officer at Lisbon Digital School e Natacha Gama Pereira, CEO at Lisbon Digital School were the professionals who gave voice to these conversations.


In a set of 5 episodes, current transversal topics were addressed – sustainability, education, content marketing, B2B communication – with the personal view of those who already have a rich and accumulated experience to share funny stories, successes, failures, visions of the future or intuitions about what's to come.

Review these relaxed conversations of ours directly on our Youtube channel, or listen to the podcasts, on our Spotify channel.